My winter lipsticks!

Hi girls!
Do you like makeup?
I love makeup!
In today’s post I will show my favorite winter lipsticks, they are well-known Brazilian brands in Brazil, I love my makeup and I love darker, neutral colors during the winter.
My favorite color is nude, combines with all kind of look, also like most natural and light makes.

Natura: Boca                                              Bella: Dark


Bella: Top Red                                             Natura: Vinho



This winter the most neutral colors and darker will be super high!
Follow my tips to continue most beautiful and do not miss the trends of the year!


Turkish necklace.

Hi girls!
The boho style infected worldwide, accessories, clothes and shoes do
part of this trend, a piece that will be very high in the boho style is the Turkish Necklace
I loved this necklace!
I really like accessories with pendants, the Turkish necklace is full of pendants shaped coin.


I loved this style!
I’m sure you will also enjoy, when it comes to trend we must always be well aware not to let even a hint escape, this is the post today I hope you enjoy and follow the tips here the blog girls. Soon have more posts for you!

Maxi colar Moedas-Turco 20141105155158boho Domingo